How many types of public accounting services are there?

If a company or a person offers accounting services to other businesses, they are considered public accountants. They provide financial statement preparation, tax return filing, auditing, consulting, and guidance to companies, individuals, governments, and non-profits.

What does a public accountant do?

A certified public accountant is a member of the accounting profession who has certification from the state board of accountancy. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides the necessary tools for you to earn your license in this field (AICPA). Public accounting standards are enforced with the assistance of CPA-designated accountants.

In order to assist companies in obtaining information about their financial health, accounting experts provide audits of financial statements and other attestation services. They assist both families and individuals by disseminating important tax and financial planning information and guidance. Public accountants are bound by a rigorous code of ethics and are dedicated to lifelong learning.

What is private accounting?

Accountants that work only for one firm are said to conduct private accounting. Internal financial reporting, issuing bills to customers, and managing accounts payable are all duties of the private accountant. Auditing a business involves public accounting firm experts reviewing the work of the company’s private account department.

Developing a private accounting department has as its primary goal the creation of an internal system for keeping track of company activities. They also assist businesses in staying abreast of their financial accounts by providing them with regular updates. There isn’t much of a distinction between public and private accounting in terms of education.

Top ten types of services provided by public accountants

In the job description for a public accountant, there are many work responsibilities for the individual’s customers. We’ll take a look at some of the most important services offered by public accounting firms in the sections below.

Performing checks and audits

Public accountants are primarily responsible for doing audits on their customers’ financial records. A review is a truncated version of an audit that some companies choose since it is less expensive.

Providers of expert advice

A company may use the services of a public accountant to describe potential strategic choices, advise on the appropriateness of a control system, and help in the construction of an information system.

Services related to tax preparation and compliance

A public accountant’s additional responsibilities include giving tax advice to individuals and companies and using their skills to prepare their tax returns.

Accounting regarding forensics

Reconstructing damaged financial records or looking for fraudulent activity indicators is a specialty of public accounting known as forensic accounting. Forensic accounting is a specialty that CPAs pursue in order to fulfill this function.

Organizing one’s finances

As part of the public accounting job description, you’ll provide financial planning advice, such as how to sell a company and save money on taxes in the near run.

Services in the area of litigation

In order to make a strong case in court, a public accountant must also provide an attorney with in-depth analysis. In divorce settlements, bankruptcy procedures, and commercial conflicts, public accountants often utilize these abilities. They may also testify as a specialist witness.

Valuation services

As part of public accounting, valuation services are offered, such as valuation reports, valuation engagements, and restricted scope valuation engagements.

Accounting services

Public accountanting provides a wide range of financial reporting services, including compilation, financial statement preparation, disclosures and notes to accounts, company secretarial services, and the performance of accounting standard computations, among others. Significant accounting rules and other explanatory information are summarized in the financial reporting framework.


Accounting services include budget preparation, income and loss statements, financial records maintenance and evaluation, and statutory reports as required by law, all of which fall within the purview of a public accountant.

Accounting for business management

Management accounting services contribute to a company’s long-term development and are often covered by accounting job titles. Through management reports and accounts, they assist managers in making sound company choices by giving up-to-date financial and statistical data that is both accurate and timely.