Benefits Of Medical Call Answering Service 

Having a medical answering service can have a huge impact on your organization; this particular service can improve the customer service that you issue to your patients and can even help to increase your client retention. In this time and era, medical answering services have continued to evolve to meet healthcare providers’ needs and their patient’s expectations. Moreover, having a medical answering service offers best-in-class service to their healthcare clients. Having a medical answering service is very crucial so that calls from patients can be answered 24/7.

The usefulness of having a good medical call answering service 

  • Increase patient satisfaction 

Healthcare providers usually suffer from three challenges which are; offering a higher level of service, providing it faster and doing it for less. All these particular services are hard to accomplish when you don’t have the right medical call answering  service. Another thing to remember is that patients play a huge role in the medical centre, and without patients, the medical industry would not be where it is now, and there would be no need to study medicine. So always remember that in everything you do, your patient’s satisfaction needs to come first. However, this particular success doesn’t occur just during office hours but also extends around-the-clock, seven days a week. Satisfying your patients is all about having the right medical answering service, which will be available 24/7, even during non-office hours.


  • Does away with patient irritation over phone automation 

Many medical practices have made the error of scaling back what they allow their answering services to do so that they could cut the cost. Automation can be a great idea to implement in your medical field, but the patients might not like it. The reason why patients may not love the idea of automation is that when they call, they want someone who will be empathetic to answer the call and not a machine or a voicemail jail that needs you to press very many digits before you get the help you need. When you want to use medical answering services you could replace the tone with a more empathetic and human tone so that your patients can be more at peace when they call.


  • Prevents missed calls 

When working in the medical field you need to be on your toes, and you don’t want to miss any phone calls because this can cause many problems for your company. When you have the right medical answering service, you can be positive that you won’t miss any phone calls, and with this, your patients will be able to get the services that they need to remain healthy and safe. When you have a medical answering service, you will be able to answer your patient’s calls at any time, and you will be able to attend to them as often as possible.


In the medical field, you need to ensure you have the right answering mechanism because patients can call anytime, or an emergency can occur.

Exploring How CRM Automation Software Enhances Your Work Day

There’s no doubt that software has made a number of basic tasks easier to manage. Opting for software that helps set up automated processes builds on that foundation and provides the chance to give your days more order and allow you to be more productive. If you’ve been wondering what CRM automation software could do for your business, consider the following benefits that this approach will provide.

Scheduling Social Media Posts in Advance

You know that your social media accounts are capturing attention. The number of likes coupled with the amount of followers you’ve accrued speak for itself. One of the challenges is to ensure that posts are made to each account on a recurring basis.

The right software will allow you to create posts in advance, then schedule them for release on specific days. This means you can set aside time one day a week to plan out the posting for the upcoming week. If necessary, you can schedule two or three weeks’ worth of posts in advance. If you will be out of the office or traveling soon, this is a great way to ensure your social media continues working for the business.

Managing Your Email and Text Marketing Campaigns

Email and text marketing are two of the most cost-efficient ways to seek new customers and to introduce existing customers to new products. As long as you’re using a qualified list and know all parties have agreed to receive those missives, there’s a good chance of picking up additional business with relative ease.

Software that makes it possible for you to deploy campaigns on specific dates streamlines the effort by a significant margin. It’s easy to set up a series of campaigns, assign the contact list that’s appropriate for each campaign, and then schedule release dates. Best of all, you will be able to track responses and see how effective each campaign was in terms of increased website traffic or additional orders.

Lead Generation and Qualification

Lead generation is essential to any type of sales and marketing effort. It must be structured in a way that leaves a positive impression on anyone who is contacted. The best way to accomplish this goal is to only use qualified leads.

Qualified means that the contacts have either directly indicated they want to know more about your products, or they have expressed some interest in receiving information about the type of products you offer. You can use the CRM automation software to create contact lists that are composed of these types of leads. This will help to increase the odds of receiving more responses.

Maintaining a Daily Schedule of Customer-Related Tasks

There are all sorts of contact that must be made on a regular basis. Following up after an order is delivered, checking in with someone who is mulling over a contract, or even remembering the birthday of an important client are some examples. An automated CRM will help you organize the day and ensure nothing is overlooked.

The software can provide reminders for recurring meetings that you have every week. It can also let you know in advance that the time is approaching to contact a client with the information that you promised. See it as one more resource that helps you represent yourself and the company in a professional manner.

These are only some of the ways that an automated solution can help. Talk with a professional and arrange to try out a product for a short time. It won’t take long to see the value in the software, and make the choice that’s right for your business.

7 Compelling Reasons To Lead The Way Back To The Office

COVID-19 began its journey around the world in December 2019. It has managed to disrupt many social and professional structures and ways of living. In an economic sense, the modern workplace system that we have all grown to love was probably the most affected. Businesses struggled to find viable solutions to keep their workforce safe and healthy. It was clear that it was more difficult than they could have imagined. Many companies had to choose the remote or work-from-home solution.

North America’s pandemic is not over. With the majority of Americans of legal age having been single- or double-vaccinated, it is time to begin exploring the possibility that you might be able to return to work in the near future. While many employees may be hesitant about returning to work full-time, there are some who are ready to make the leap. Here are seven compelling reasons for returning to work in a post-pandemic environment. Also, how to do it safely.

It’s time to get used to the new normal

Pandemics have been a constant feature of human history since the time of the black plague, influenza, polio and SARS. While COVID-19 is a serious issue, eventually the population will reach a level of vaccination and herd immunity where it becomes safer to return to a more normal existence. Although there will be some significant and important adjustments to be made to protect those most at risk, eventually, the transition to a normal lifestyle is possible.

It’s too distracting to work from home

We are not kidding when we say that homeschooling means having to housetrain your children, keep your pets happy, and spend a lot of time with your spouse. Working from home can be stressful because of all the distractions. A great way to eliminate all distractions is to rent an Tampa or Clearwater office space. You will find a professional, clean environment that promotes productivity and encourages a positive work ethic in office space rentals.

A better work-life balance

A proper work-life balance is one of the most important aspects of office workers’ normal life. As more people were forced from their homes to work, the boundaries between home and work have become blurred or even destroyed. There will be an increase in office workers returning to fully furnished offices in Tampa and Clearwater. This will require reestablishing strong boundaries between work and home. It is crucial to have a place to work that is separate from your home and your daily commute to get there.

Increased productivity and communication in the workplace

Communication and productivity are improved when employees see each other on a regular basis or occasionally. You can communicate with your coworkers more freely in an office setting than via email, private messages, scheduled video calls, and meetings. While you must maintain professionalism, it is easier to have casual or work-related conversations with colleagues in person than working remotely. These in-person interactions can strengthen your work relationships and make working with others easier.

Office rentals in Tampa allow you to communicate with your supervisors or coworkers quickly.

Rejoining the Office Revitalizes Your Work Culture

It has been shown that long-term remote work can have a negative effect on your employees’ mental and physical health. Because they are not able to interact with colleagues, many office workers feel isolated when working remotely. Many office workers report feeling isolated while working from home. They look forward to coming back to work every day or occasionally. This gives them a stronger sense of purpose and motivates them to do better at work. Employees who feel empowered and motivated can have a profound impact on the business culture and work environment, resulting in more positive outcomes.

Sustain Employee Loyalty and Retention Rates

People who have had to work from home during the pandemic are seeing their productivity drop. Your job as a leader or company representative is to come up with new ways to engage your team members in their work. This is almost impossible when you aren’t in the same room with them. Experts predict that employees will return to work with stronger loyalty and retention rates.

Implement Hybrid Work Solutions

Even after the pandemic, some employees might still prefer to work from home on a temporary or permanent basis. The hybrid office and work solution are a new phenomenon that has been around for years. They allow employees to continue working from home.

It is not about spreading germs. Many employees were forced to adapt their lives to the new normal during the pandemic. Employees can feel overwhelmed and under pressure if they try to get out of this situation at any moment. There are many moving parts that must be adjusted, so it is a good idea to give your employees a period of transition to help them settle into their new work schedules. Hybrid work solutions can be a great way for employees to settle back into their office routines without feeling overwhelmed.

Looking for office space to rent in Tampa and Clearwater Signature Workspace has the best selection of furnished, short-term office space in Florida. Our flexible, affordable and full-service office rental packages can be tailored to your needs. Get in touch to find out more.

This post was written by Tara Kintz. Tara is a director at Signature Workspace which is a Tampa cowork space. Signature Workspace, owned and operated by Cantor Fund Management, offers services and amenities such as private offices, flex space, co-working space, virtual offices, meeting/conference rooms, and more.


Is it time to sell silver and buy gold?

The last two years have been hard for the global economy. Global markets have been battered incessantly not just by the pandemic but the various geopolitical. Various factors have had an impact on the markets leading to the steady rise in the price of precious metals like gold. If you are wondering whether you should be buying or selling your buy or sell silver bullion Melbourne, you should not sitting on the fence for much longer. This is the best time to make decisions about your investments in the precious metal’s market.

The price of precious metals is likely to go up with governments putting in measures to inject some liquidity into the economy. The crisis that the Coronavius created in the markets has prompted governments to take more aggressive action to avoid the situation we all found ourselves in during the financial crisis in 2008.

As the price of gold rose, silver slipped down to lows of 28% in eight sessions. This was the worst decline the silver market has experienced since 1983. There are market analysts who still believe that the price will still go lower.

Silver at $15 had a lot of people worried and some wondered if this would not be the best time to sell silver bullion Melbourne . But is this the worst that it could get? Some analysts believed that things could still get worse before they get better for the price of silver. If you have silver and you buy into to that theory, you have to weigh your options: sell silver now or hold on to it for a little longer.

It would seem that silver has been lagging behind, losing ground against gold. This however, was expected. The pattern is nothing new. What has been surprising for most investors is the silver ratio. At one point it reach 124 to 1 which hasn’t been in this century or the last.

Why is this important? First you need to understand what this ratio is and what it means. The silver-gold ratio is basically a measure of the relative strength of gold compared to silver. It indicates how much silver it would take to purchase an ounce of gold.

The ratio often hovers around 40:1 and 50:1 but now it is the 100 which is an indication that silver is attracting more precious metal investors. Investors often refer to the trade ratio at certain points to see what they should be buying more off or selling. The ratio of silver to gold is joined. Historically, the ratio has always evened itself out. Right now is the best time to consider whether you should sell silver bullion. The principle of buying low and selling high isn’t that easy to apply in precious metals markets because of its uniqueness, however silver is still one of those metals that will be valuable for a long time. We might be in the midst of a precarious time and facing a future that is largely uncertain. However, having silver bullion can help you get out of whatever financial hole you find yourself in at this point in time.

GoldCo: How does Gold IRA Protect Retirement with Precious Metals?

A gold or precious metal (IRA) or individual retirement account is a self-directed IRA that has become pretty popular in today’s investment industry, especially with people who value stability and diversity in their investment portfolio. This kind of financial investment gives individuals the ability to add gold and other precious metals (in the form of bars and coins) to their tax-sheltered (IRAs).

Precious metals have always been considered a classic safeguard against geopolitical crisis and inflation, are well-suited to create a diversified portfolio away from fiat assets for long-term investors. The main objective of these investments is the long-term preservation of wealth, since it is a stable, powerful, and safe vehicle when it comes to maintaining long-term asset development.

To know more about IRAs, click here for more info.

To maximize the security and safety of these kinds of investments, all physical metals are kept in an individual retirement account-approved depository until the investor reaches retirement age. At this point, the metals can be shipped directly to them or can be converted to physical money. Always keep in mind that rolling or transferring over existing accounts are tax-free transactions.

Why should people consider gold for their individual retirement account?

As a valuable asset class, these metals offer a lot of benefits over other conventional investment alternatives. These benefits include a long history of financial stability and safety during economic downturns, excellent insulation from the devaluation of paper money, and a fixed and abundant supply that cannot be changed in the near future.

Stock market versus gold

When it comes to mapping out people’s retirement, the name of the game is reward versus risk. After all, the most vital goal is to make sure that people’s hard-earned money is well-preserved and readily available to them when they stop working or earning money.

As smart investors, with the future always on their minds, they usually partner with reputable firms when they want to protect their funds from the volatility and unpredictability of the stock market and diversify their investment portfolio with precious metals achieving their needed peace of mind. People always need to remember that it is very important to keep part of their money out of the stock market by investing in a stable, safe, and robust alternative like precious metals.

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Gold versus the United States dollar

A lot of individuals today are startled at how quickly the United States dollar is losing its purchasing power because of inflation and the government’s QE or Quantitative Easing programs. The goods people buy every day, like clothing, food, or gasoline, need a more significant number of US dollars every year to purchase.

It means that even while people’s money is safe and secured in a bank account or other interest-earning savings, its purchasing power is constantly being reduced as the state dilutes its value because of the constant printing of additional paper currency.

While a lot of investment platforms are tied to currencies in one way or another (they are exposed to the same shift in value as other everyday goods), gold has always been considered as an excellent safeguard against inflation, as well as a means to shield or improve purchasing power in the long run.

Gold versus national debts

National debts are pretty huge and only expected to keep increasing over time. At today’s level, a lot of individuals believe that the national debt has become unmanageable and unstable, which has historically resulted in anxiety and alarm in the market in most international theaters.

Experience hassle-free transfer

AS most pioneers in this industry, the goal of IRA firms is pretty straightforward – to find ways on how to protect your GoldCo IRA and other investment accounts, as well as to make access to financial vehicles for IRAs a straightforward and hassle-free process. These professionals or companies are well-experienced and well-versed in common penalties and pitfalls associated with shifting retirement savings and the concerns and questions that people have. They will empower individuals to make excellent and well-informed decisions, as well as take control of their future. If a person has an individual retirement account, they can move all or some of it to their self-directed precious metal IRA using a direct transfer.

Once they have made their decision to complete the process, specialists will guide them through the process to make the transfer easy, quick and make sure that their account is fully compliant with the regulations set by the federal government.

How do I liquidate my Gold IRA?

How do I liquidate my Gold IRA?

One of the great benefits of utilizing this instrument is that when you take a distribution, you can either take physical possession of your metals or liquidate them and take the cash value – the choice is yours. Liquidation is a quick and simple process, and we can provide easy instructions to help. Contact us directly for more information.